I'm stuck between my ex and a guy I like that's long distance?

Me and my ex 2 1/2 year relationship. We broke up a few weeks ago for various things. I just wasn't happy anymore and I didn't love him like I use to anymore. We agreed to stay friends and end it civil.

Lets go to the long distance guy named Jack. I met him a month ago online. I really do like him, the only problem is, he's so far away. He lives in London and I live right by Colorado in the United States. We haven't skyped yet but we talk every day getting to know each other. So far, he is really special. We haven't made things official because we want to meet in person to see if it's real. He was mentioning on seeing me sometime in the summer!

Back to my Ex... I went to his house last night after I got off work to get my stuff. One thing led to another and we had sex. It was intense. I wasn't even planning on doing that with him at all but it did:/ We were each others first so I got a little emotional and cried afterwards. My ex is also my best friend and I told him that I feel mixed emotioned about all that. He felt that way too. I know if I get back with him things will be fine for a little bit but it'll go back to shit.

2 Questions:

1. What do I do about this?
2. Should I tell Jack what happened last night? Even though we are not official?


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  • If you are still friends with your ex then you have feelings for him. Don't get in with a new guy until you completely break that off. Trust me no guy likes having a girl trying to decide between him and an ex.


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  • "Don't get burnt by the same flame twice" and yes, tell jack everything