URGENT Help me please?

READ THIS it's short story thanks for help !! :)

I was out with my girlfriend and she’s shy etc… So I said that my friend will come soon because we went to party and she’ll go home with bus. So when friend arrived she was acting little different.

We were both holding hands but when we stopped she didn’t even tried to hug me, hold my hand plus she was looking at him and was positioned directly to him.

Even when I moved little to her side so she wouldn’t see me she didn’t even tried to move.

What do you think? Is she playing games with me?

does anyone here even help?


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  • I don't think she really did it on purpose. You can always ask her ofcourse. Because she's shy she doesn't really know how to act with a new person. Her focus was at the new person at the moment and maybe she didn't want to act clingy. I also act less touchy when people are around.


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  • Just adk her if she has a problem thatt worries her.

    • what?

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    • it makes me worried I'm not worried, but she wasn't even trying to hold me or anything. Do you understand?

    • I understand that she acts in another way than usual. She may have some grudge, trouble or worry. Thus make her talk about it. Talking about problems is THE way to start solving problems in a couple.