My boyfriend got a transfer at work that fell through. We're ready to move out but now can't. What are my rights?

M boyfriend got transferred to another state for work but it fell through and now we obviously have to stay. We have a baby on the wayand need to stay in our apartment as we can't fall on family members to take in the 2 of us plus a newborn baby. We told our landlord but didn't have anything in writing that we needed to move out and break our lease. That was fine as long as we found someone to sign a new lease otherwise we'd just be responsible until our lease was up, obviously. So we found someone new, they came and looked at the apartment and said they were ready to sign one. We have 5 days from when we were originally supposed to leave and move but now we can't. We have 6 months left on our lease. Is it still technically ours? I haven't signed any papers yet or done a walk through. I doubt that the landlord would have someone new sign a lease before we've signed out of ours and moved out or is that not how it goes? Someone please tell me what my rights are. Can we stay? This will make or break us right now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • This question is very specific to the tenancy laws in your state or country. Generally the lease would likely still be yours though.

  • Do you by chance have a family member that's a lawyer? Anyway, as long as there is nothing in writing saying that you have to move, you should be ok. I'm nowhere near a jurist, so don't quote me on this.

    • I don't and this is my first time renting so I'm really unaware of how all of this works. I didn't give anything in writing that was signed.

    • Again, I'm no legal scholar, but it seems like you should be ok. You definitely want to seek a second opinion, though.

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