Do you like a lot of icing on your cupcakes or just a little bit of icing?

I am trying to start a cupcake buisness, and I usually put a lot of icing on my cupcakes, I pipe them on with a icing bag, and they look really good! But my sister says that not a lot of people like a lot of icing on their cupcakes and just a little bit. I think its the icing that makes a cupcake a cupcake lol the icing is the best part. when I worked at a bakery I iced the cupcakes with a lot of icing and they sold so quick! I think they are a lot better with a lot of icing. What do you think?


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  • Honestly, if I didn't instantly gain 20 pounds from it, I would take a bucket filled with pure cupcake icing and eat it just like that. Icing is definitely the best part about cupcakes - but it has to be good!


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  • A lot of icing sounds like the better option. I'm sure the cupcakes will be of decent size, and if you want to make them more profitable (that's if you wanted to charge them at a higher price) being generous in proportions is probably your safest bet.

    There is a lot of cupcake to go through, maybe it equal amounts of icing, so I say the more the merrier


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  • It took a lot of restraint not to make a dirty joke, I hope you appreciate my effort :)


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  • I like a little bit on mine. Not too much where it makes a peek or anything.

  • Depends on the icing.

    Some taste really bad.

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