Can you name a negative song that turned into a positive song?

Like Born in the USA was a protest song that turned into a patriotic song, Every Breath You Take was about a controlling stalkerish boyfriend that became a romantic love song, and Margaritaville was a song about a sad drunk that became another feel good song.


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  • Because I got high, positive vibe remix.


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  • American Woman
    Waltzing Matilda
    One Headlight

    • American Woman great example, never heard of the others.

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  • Born in the USA has never been a patriotic song. "I had a brother at Qeh Sahn, they're still there but he's all gone". Yeah real patriotic

    • Not by Bruce but by professional wrestling and other organizations.

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    • Pretty bad

    • I also think it's funny watching everybody in the audience including small children at Jimmy Buffet concerts dancing away at the depressing lyrics of Margaritaville.