How can I start loving myself?

how can i love myself and i can't see myself pretty and im so shy i can't stand for myself i can't speak in public and i dont trust my opinions and afraid to speak them out


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  • First of all you have to realize you are human and created as a special wonderfully unique and are suppose to be different than others. Comparing yourself to others is like an orange comparing it's self to an apple while sitting in the crisper together. Pretty dumb for an orange to that isn't it?
    Well same thing for you to do that as well. Your pressure that you put on yourself is manifested from nowhere and your icky thoughts don't even exist anywhere except in ONLY YOUR MIND. So breathe a fresh breath of air and be grateful that you are who you are.
    There are are only two way a person can choose to live. 1.) In FEAR or 2.) In FAITH.
    It is absolutely impossible to have fear and faith exist at the same time in the same soul. This is why Catholics are so damn confused and messed in the head. Not to get religious but it is a fact that they try to do both at the same time.

    Find a faith that allows you to trust and allows you live without fear and then and only then will you find to love yourself as God intended. Blind Faith that you are loved and guided and that you are meant to be living as a free wiled unique creature and not trapped in a shell of yuck.


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  • Being shy isn't a bad thing. I'm introverted and I've never seen it as a flaw. Many people prefer introverts to extroverts who are in your face all the time. Public speaking is hard for many people, including me; that's why they have classes dedicated to it! It's tough for a lot of people, so don't fault yourself there. To get over being afraid to speak your opinions starts with not giving a shit what other people think. You have a right to your beliefs as does everyone else. There's no rule that says you have to be out all the time about what you think (i. e. opinionated) but if you're in a class and discussing a topic, there's no shame in saying what you think. Very rarely do I have classes where the teacher or other students shut down the opinions of others. About feeling ugly, everyone feels ugly at some point. Most people do a lot. Just no one talks about it. Consider that no one's really paying attention to you, like you're in people's site of view for a second and then out again. Can you really remember all the faces you see on campus at a given time? Neither can anyone else. So, even if you feel ugly, it's not like everyone else is staring at you like "ew she's so ugly" because you're harder on yourself than we are and we've got better things to think about like work and school! So yeah.


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  • I'm in the same boat

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