PayPal Bank Account?

Hi! I opened a PayPal account with my name and I tried to insert the IBAN of the bank account of my mother (because I don't have one). The bank account can't be connected to PayPal because the IBAN and the account name don't match. What should I do now to connect the bank account to PayPal?


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  • You can do two things. Open a business PayPal account, which doesn't require the name on the account to match (my account doesn't at least), or get your own bank account.

  • Hang on... if we answer your question, are we just helping you steal money from some poor old lady?

    • No, my mother is here too... She knows everything! :) Hahaha!

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    • You probably should ask paypal themselves

    • Dude, did you know that for US checking accounts no name is even required? Nor a signature?

      It's terrifying how easy it is to empty a US checking account.