Girls, guys, do you use your week end rather for "business" or for "pleasure"?

With business, I mean "all except pleasure" in this case: it can be taking care of your personal business (like the bookkeeping of your shop), taking care of your personal affairs or obligations, you name it.

Pleasure is more like: being with your boyfriend, drinking a glass, visiting a nice place,...

For me it's like fifty-fifty: some personal affairs and some pleasure :D

  • Week ends are for fun only!
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  • A mix of work and fun
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  • I'm a busy bee with obligations, work, personal affairs, bookkeeping,...
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  • Other (please explain)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • How can anyone possibly "Drink A Glass!" raoflmho

    • Haha I may have have meant the content of it :D
      I've been with collegues from the UK and we invited each other to go drink a glass... maybe because they so urgently needed it they understood what we meant 8)

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    • MH is all yours... loved the humour in your opinion :D

    • Thank you so very much indeed for the MHO.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Last weekend was all pleasure (skiing). This weekend is all business.

    • That as well could be a solution :D
      I guess the skiing put you behind and now you need to rush to get the backlog cleared away?

    • Yeah, and after that it will be taxes.

    • Oh dear... not only not the nicest activity but also costly :-(

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What Girls Said 5

  • It's mainly for fun and to relax, but I do get some errands done that I don't do during the week like getting groceries and doing laundry.

  • I always think they're just for fun since the week days are so stressful, but somehow the business part seems to always creep in.

    • I see... do you manage to forget the worries about the difficult kids trying to fool or overpower you in class? :o

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    • Yeah sometimes your strong point can also be your weak point :o
      It's nice when people are empathic but indeed it makes you carry your emotions with you :o
      I can confirm, I have the same property!

    • ^-^
      Glad you can relate.

  • With me its usually a mix. For example, last weekend i spend the morning skyping with a guy, after that i decided to get some homework done, and in the evening i skyped with other guy while finishing my homework.(multitasking :D ). Yeah sometimes i do business and pleasure at the same time ;) haha. can't let school ruin your weekend too much :D

    • Haha multitasking, girls are good in that :D
      Long time no hear, doing fine?

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    • Oh wow, another full hit :D
      I can only be jealous, nice job!

    • haha thank you :D

  • A mix. I usually do most of my house chores during the weekend, and pay my bills and stuff.

    • Haha paying the bills, our least favourite activity :-(

  • I worked Saturday. Sunday is all mine to enjoy though

    • Aha! So when you wake up and read this you'll be able to say "today is the day", grab a cup of coffee and relaaaaaaaaax :D :D

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    • Yes but do you get -20-40 below C temps

    • Not where the rivers and lakes are that may freeze. In the hiils in the South-East of Belgium, at night -20°C is possible but the rivers there are fast flowing and don't freeze.
      Generally when you see ice on a lake here it's better to assume you'd better stay off it. It may be just thick enough to carry 2 mice :o

What Guys Said 1

  • I always have to work on the weekends

    • In the beginning of my career I did check in at an airport. I also worked weekdays and week end days in a row... having random days off.
      I got used to it, it had its charms :D