Is it wrong of me to only want to date someone who is a Virgin?

I am a Virgin but I get put off when talking to someone and I find out they have already had sex! Like in my head it feels wrong


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  • My boyfriend and I feel the same way; we're waiting until marriage for sex.


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  • It's not wrong because that's your preference. But you shouldn't think that not being a virgin is something bad. Sex doesn't make anyone better or worse.

  • Do I agree with you? No because sex isn't dirty and doesn't make a person dirty but it feels fare to expect the person you're with to be a virgin if you are one yourself.

    • To me it feels like I'm having someone else's sloppy seconds I'm not rude with the people I just fade the convo out or put them in friend zone

    • As long as you're not rude or judgmental.

  • I think as long as you hold yourself to the same standards then it's not wrong. If you wanted to go sleep with 20 girls and date a virgin then I wouldn't think that was ok.

    I'm the way also but I do think that maybe you could be missing out on someone you really like because you're letting that get in the way. If it's something that you
    simply can't compromise on then that's still ok.


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