I am planning on changing my name and would like opinions on the names I have picked out. Can you please help?

I have had issues with my family for years and have decided enough is enough. I have relocated to a new state and I am starting my new life. I am planning on changing my name as well. The names I have chosen for first and middle names are Melanie, Rachel, and Eliana. I am leaning more towards Melanie Rachel. I have done research on my family tree and have chosen surnames from my ancestors. The surnames I am considering are York, Fox, Shapiro, Bacall, and Marlowe. I am wanting to have a hyphenated surname so need two surnames that sound best together. I have always liked the look of a hyphenated surname. Also need help deciding on the first and middle name as well. Which names do you like best from my list? I would appreciate your opinions and input. Thank you.


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  • Wouldn't a hyphenated surname be the result of getting married, and adding your husbands surname to yours?

    I personally like the name Rachel, and if you decide to keep your surname after marriage I would think that Marlowe would be a good first half. The other ones might sound awkward with another name after it.

    Rachel Eliana Marlowe has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

  • Always thought Saphia/Safia is a really nice name... Also Serena and Ariana


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