Am I still growing?

I'm 15 and 5'10 I've been taller than my parents since 7th grade. And I can now touch the roof by tippy toeing something I was not able to do. I have very little armpit hair and it just started to grow a couple of months ago o have puboc hair but it hasn't reached my thighs I only have hair on the bottom part of my legs and no moustache My shoe size is now size 10 and keeps getting bigger it was size 8 in the 9th grade. And if the helps I've been drinking a glass of milk before I went to sleep for the past 2 weeks and I haven't needed to pee in the morning. I have long legs. Most of my friends are now growing beards.

Oh and I'm very skinny and I come from a family thats kinda hsiry.


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  • Most guys continue growing until their early twenties.


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  • I'm 16
    and i wear a size 15 1/2 so i would say you're not done.
    i dont even think im done

    • damn. I grew a size I'm 11 now. But 15.5 Michael Jordan is size 13 and he's 6'6. You might grow like crazy. Are you turning 17 or you turned 16

    • I just turned 16
      February 19
      People say it's because I was on the basketball team but I don't know

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Scientifically speaking, your last growth spurt happens around 20-21. I'm about 6 ft and I'm 16.

  • Males can keep growing into their early 20's. Hair growth will continue to grow/change even past that. You're all good.