How to deal with social anxiety?

I am a guy who is bestowed with so many super cool qualities by god.. I am good looking, i am intelligent, i am good in academics, I can sing, I can dance, I can paint, I can act, I don't hurt people, I am compassionate towards people who are suffering.
But unfortunately along with these god has also given me social anxiety. initially it was just extreme shyness.. over a period it has transformed into social anxiety. This is really painful. My life has become hell, I am gradually loosing my inner self.. this one horrible thing is enough to mask my all other qualities... I have just one or two friends, that's because they have spent much time with me and they know what I am. Its only when people spend more time with me they will realize I am good but at first instance my social anxiety gives entirely different picture about me... i really want people in my life, just like others i want to experience love, affection, friendship, happiness which I can cherish throughout my life. please give me some advice and suggestions... I would be ever grateful to you..


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  • Social anxiety is something you create within yourself. You associate things such as being in a crowd or making a speech or just talking to someone as an anxious feeling. You have to tell yourself that this isn't something you should be anxious about. Associate those things to be positive rather than a negative thing. Do you truly believe in yourself that you want to do these things? That you like doing them? If the answer is no then you have to change that to a yes.

    Its about your frame of mind and you just have to rewire your brain to make positive connections rather than negative ones. How do people overcome their fears? First step is to realise they have the fear. Then they try to convince themselves that it is irrational and they can overcome it. Then they face their fear and keep facing it and making it a positive thing to do.

    If you keep facing social situations and keep telling yourself negative things then it won't work. You face social situations and keep telling yourself positive things.

    Also after a social interaction you reward yourself with positive thoughts. Make yourself believe it was a good thing and associate positive things with it. You just change your frame of mind to like it and make it positive.

  • That really sucks, dude. But considering you're so sure of yourself and your qualities I dont see why you have social anxiety. If you have all these attributes it should be easy to break in anywhere. All you have to do is try. With your talents it will be easy

    • Yeah for people to recognize my talent I should gel, and spend some quality time with people but because of social anxiety I am not able to connect with people.. :(

    • You must have at least one friend. Make friends with that person's other friends. You'll have someone you feel comfortable with.

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