Why is it called "trying too hard" when someone is a fashionista?

Why is it seen as a bad thing if someone constantly likes to dress up (no matter the occasion ), and takes pride in their appearance? I heard someone say it gives off the impression of that person trying too hard.
I mean, how hard is it really to slip on nicely designed material that compliments your figure and apply light make up?
Is jeans , t-shirt, and sneakers really the way to go for everyone? Must this person conform?

I mean celebs do it with their fashion , but I guess because I'm the average person I shouldn't have that throne.


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  • Because every kind of obsessive behaviour is looking down at... especially if it is related to something superficial.

    • Who says putting on attire that compliments you, is obsessive?

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    • "a person who designs, sells, or is very interested in clothing fashions"

      "a designer, promoter, or follower of the latest fashions"

      The description pretty much puts them at the very edge of being obsessive about it.

    • In the first sentence the keyword is "or" it doesn't mean they necessarily do all three of those things. They could only be doing one.

      I pretty much set my own fashion trends and don't follow others.

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  • Omg yesss. We have this "im different" girl attitude going about that just judges anyone who love wearing cute clothes.
    Is it that wrong that i loke looking good for myself?


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  • People can dress however the fuck they want, it just tends to divide people in terms or social status and wealth.

    • You can still find nice clothes and keep it affordable tbh. Not everything has to be designer.

  • There is nothing wrong with that. Whatever floats your boat.


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