Your greatest aspiration in life?

What is it? What do you dream about achieving the most? Could be anything in the world, maybe its realistic maybe not. Have you done anything in the past week to help achieve this goal? If not maybe get on that!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I... I don't know.

    I guess getting married is my current number one goal.

    And that sounds incredibly lame lol

    When I was in middle school my goal was to get a boyfriend (cliche) and I did that. Then it was to graduate high school. I did that. Then it was to graduate college with honors. I did that. Then it was to get a job in my field. I did that.

    So... now my goal is to get married.

    • Its not lame if it means something to you, good on ya!

    • I specifically have a certain gentleman in mind for that goal lol

    • Then you're off to a good start already haha. Good luck to you!

Most Helpful Guy

  • This is my dream lifestyle.

    1.) have a webcam girlfriend and cam together as a couple.

    2.) work 4 hours a day on average some days like 12 hours some days just taking it off.

    3.) travel the world staying in hotels and eating at restaurants.

    4.) spend all of our time together working and playing

    5.) be able to communicate about anything and just really enjoy each other's company

    6.) I love gambling so I would like to tour the worlds casinos and gamble a lot. Using a portion of the webcam money.

    7.) when we have kids buy a million dollar home in west Los Angeles and take frequent trips to Las Vegas

    8.) make residual income through developing porn together.

    9.) at some point go to school to become a partner surrogate so we can keep the money rolling well past our camming prime.

    10.) live happily ever after.

    First step is work on my current relationship and build it up.

    • Quite the goals, good luck to ya man! The hardest part is probably finding a girl like that haha

    • Already found one. The trick is to look for them in places where girls that like to live dangerously and embrace life tend to congregate.

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  • My greatest aspiration in life is to become a published author! To work literature but also all kinds of art too, I want to learn a bit of everything! But in the end, literature has my heart :)

    And yes, of course I did! I write a bit of anything every week or so because writing needs attention, it needs to grow, to establish itself, each person's writing has it's own personality and the way to find one's own is quite a tricky one. That's why writing often is a must|

  • buttabuttabuttabutta O. O

    • ok that s embarrassing... wrong question xD
      my aspiration in life ermm... maybe moving abroad for the time being and graduating in architecture. also maybe start with visual arts and stage design

  • To be a good mom one day.


What Guys Said 2

  • To travel. The only thing I see worth living for is to what's out there in the world.

    • This is true, there is much to be learned from other places and cultures outside your own.

  • Lemme just click the anon button. *click*

    I want to be a real life version of one of those alpha male characters you see in womans' erotica.