DO you think America is finished?

1) Now china has a biggr buying power than America.

and is US army more powerful?,
-- since they both can nuke each other to dust, it is the same.

And America is falling very fast, there is no way to stop it.

2) American politicans are fools. Even that fool howard Dean had a chance to be the president.
He acted as a salesperson, such a fool can be a politician in America.

The idiot jimmy cater said a powerful china is good for USA, Now he gets what he ask for.
without the help of America, china will never be so powerful.


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  • well... if improvements aren't made soon enough then it will be =/


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  • No Trump will make the USA great again and rebuild our military higher up then before


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  • No, America still attracts many of the best and brightest from China. China's repressive government drives creative people away to the US. India has the same problem. Their bright young people are going to graduate school in the US and then desperately trying to get a visa so they can stay.

    • This is dumb, That's why I think American politician are fools.
      Before there are no contact between china and America.
      china was so weak.
      --Manchus ruled china for 300 years till 1911.
      Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia

      if USA continue to contact with china. American will be finished for sure,
      china invent 0 machine, But thanks for those chinese in America and Europe,
      They can copied everything,.

    • These chinese in America are useless for America.
      And these chinese in America help china a lot.
      There were no chinese in America. china was weak and America was powerful at that time.

      --Manchus ruled china for 300 years till 1911.
      Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia

  • I hope America isn't finished. When they get things right, they get things very right.

    As for China... well... lets put it this way... out of the past 5000 years, it was only the last 150 or so where they weren't ranked either #1 or #2, and part of the reason it happened was because a Dowager Empress took the navel budget to go shopping.

    All that aside, I don't think there will be a direct war between the two of them within our lifetime. America is China's biggest customer, and a war with China is one that America can't be sure that it can win.

  • No, by that logic pretty much all of Europe has been finished for over 60 years.

    • are you joke? Europe was 100 times powerful than China 60 years ago.

      1) In 1959-1961, there were 30,000,000 chinese died in starvation.
      Great Chinese Famine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      2) Chinese were enslaved by Mongol, Manchu, Xianbei, Khitan, Jurchen empires.

      Manchus ruled China for 300 years till 1911.
      Manchu conquest of China - Wikipedia
      The population rate was 100,000,000 Chinese VS 1.000.000 Manchus.

      In WWII, Japan took the Chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers.
      Battle of Nanking - Wikipedia
      Second Sino-Japanese War - Wikipedia
      Nanking Massacre - Wikipedia

      US killed 1 million Japanese soldiers and lost 100,000 in WW2.

  • Hehheh, hoo...
    ... Oh you're serious.

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