Why is not celebrated as much as women's day?

Not trying to start something here, But I was just wondering why?

Why is men's day*


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  • Because Women's Day is seen as being more important because women face more problems and issues than men do.

    However I think having a day for either is meaningless and an empty gesture which explains why it's mostly a political thing as that's their stock in trade.

    • Lol are you kidding me? Civilization was built by 90% of men. What are you even talking about? Are you trying to get pink upvotes here? This is website, you can be honest. You aren't gonna met any of them in real

      Do you really think that? This isn't about even that but that's really stupidest thing I've heard in life.

    • That's really what I think.

  • I don't know and i don't really care... But i think it's because we are awesome and everyone already knows that, even people that hate men for being men.

    • We are awesome, everyone is but why it's not celebrated as much as women's day?

  • Looks like you fucked up your question.

    • Added it on update

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    • I don't think anyone should be ok with it. The problem is that soooo many people, men and women are totally ok with it, it's really frustrating. We even have animal rights for fuck's sake yet men still struggle with human rights in western countries.

    • This is why we need stronger men than generation we have now.