Anyone lived in a place all there life and started to get depressed?

I'm born in Australia and lived here all my life and I'm now 22. Around the time I turned 20, I have noticed I have been very depressed, having no interest to do anything with my life. But at the same time I feel like if I left the Country and I was to go to the US, I would feel a lot happier. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Or has moved and felt their life has changed for the better?


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  • The USA is a shithole compared to Oz, try Europe instead.

    • I lived the US, lived there for a bit

  • Yeah but when you will be old you will return to your country and have peaceful life.

    • Hmm, so have u been in a situation like me?

    • I am 19 so "No" but I have seen my family members going to US having happy life for year than very desperate to return to homeland and finally when their kids are grown up and they were old they always return to their country.

    • Fair enough

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