Help my smartphone is overheating everday😪?

ok well for like a week my phone has been getting really hot like my phone temperature is like 134 or143 and my smartphone has 18 running apps on it and i dont not know how to stop the running apps on my phone and my phone has cut it self off 1 time and it has been moving slower im 15 years old im really scared ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

is there a way i can stop those running apps or my overheating problem

I have a lg g2 phone
or maybe lg g4😰


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  • There is a way to stop apps from running in the background, but im not sure why your phone might be overheating. Could be the case if it has one. Usually in the settings there will be options to turn certain options off. Things like notifications or background app refresh or location services will drain your battery. I turn these things off on most of my apps. I only have notifications for like my email or reminders app.

  • Looking at settings :D do the clean option

    Or uninstall some of the apps; and make sure to close apps you are not using after you are down. I get the same problems sometimes I have like 13 apps running T. T


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