Is it harder being the only guy in the family or being the only girl in the family?

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  • Being the only guy MUST be tougher, because I was the only girl -- and that's the most hardcore kind of "only", no sisters, no mama -- and it was pretty smooth sailing.

    I mean, figuring out stuff like periods and makeup was... more inconvenient than it might have been (esp because I grew up before the internet), sure.
    ... But even that mb not. Not having any sisters or a mama meant that I had COMPLETE freedom to experiment with stuff like makeup and clothing styles and bla bla bla. Because, really, who would judge? Mah daddy? LOL

    On the other hand, being the only dude probably... has its moments.
    Remember that women under the same roof start to have periods at the same time -- and LOTS of women have this annoying habit of dumping on their men when they have stuff like period pains. It's like COME ON, girls -- yeah, men do shit sometimes, but at least y'all can't pin THAT shit on ther heads lol.

    Ya know?
    I mean, I had my first mammogram last year, and this woman before me was grumbling about how she wanted to smash her husband's equipment between steel plates for a change, and how she was "sure whoever invented that thing was a man because it hurts so much", and all that shit.
    To which I replied, in a snippy but still smiley voice, "Yep must've been a man like MINE, because that thing's saved millions of our lives." <3
    Didn't get the chance to see her reaction. Don't really care.
    Point is, lots of guys get unfairly shit on by women like her... and being the only guy's gotta make it far worse.
    I mean, I understand the frustration, but, there's less toxic ways of venting it.


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  • Umm why would it be harder?

  • Oh the only guy for sure

    I have to put up with my own reality drama show in my own dam house :(

  • Is it harder being the only sane person in a mental asylum or the only crazy person around normal people...

    No idea.


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  • I know I could wear my brothers hand me downs. Not likely a guy could or would wear his sisters hand me downs.

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