How do you find things to enjoy by yourself?

Basically I'm lonely since my friends have no time to do anything since they've been in relationships. My sister told me to go out and enjoy myself. What can I possibly do alone?


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  • Play video games, listen to music, watch tv shows, work out and exercise, go fishing, do something productive.
    We live in age where people can learn a production skill in under a year from the internet knowledge for free yet people decide to sit on their asses all day and browse g@g or facebook.

    • I agree, the internet is such an under-utilized and mis-used tool! It is an endless hub of information and data... but too many people just use it for entertainment.

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  • Maybe fishing I mean do you have a near by place that you can go do it. Also, maybe dancing lessons will do you good. I also really enjoy riding my bike when I'm sad.

  • Nature is better solo. Go take a hike to the top of the largest hill near you. Maybe bring some bud.


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