Anyone with experience relocating to a different country for work?

Thinking about accepting an amazing offer but not sure about missing upcoming weddings and the little ones who are growing up fast!

Where did you go and what was your experience like? I was planning to start beginning my Masters degree around the same time the business opportunity would begin because I want it by a certain age in order to get a certain position and reach my financial goal by age 30. Is there still a way to take this business opportunity without disrupting that plan? Any general advice on the situation?


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  • I relocated to the UK for education and ended up staying for work. It was the biggest mistake of my life and I regret it to this day.

    Your mileage may vary, but unless you have a plan set for coming back home and/or really really like the country you've moving to, tread very very carefully here. It will seem like a great and exciting idea up until the moment it starts happening.


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  • In my early to mid 20's, I bounced between 5 different countries (Japan, Italy, Canada, Colombia, México) before coming back home to the States.

    Unlike you, I didn't do this as part of any carefully-thought-out plan. In fact, the first move (US to Japan) I undertook on exactly 19 days' notice, with precisely zero knowledge of Japanese and zero acquaintances in Japan at the start of those 19 days.

    But... yeah, with my usual lack of planning and forethought (lol) I just DID IT, and it turned out to be a very good decision.

    I mean, all of those things they say about *traveling* are mostly BS -- let's be srs, traveling doesn't afford you enough time in any one place to really experience personal growth (unless yr on a months-long backpacking trip, or something).

    BUT, the same things about actually LIVING in another country? Absolutely true.
    Fantastic opportunity to really explore yr own self, and yr strengths and weaknesses, and how you confront the unfamiliar and challenging in life.
    Equally fantastic opportunity to put yr own culture into a broader perspective, and to think about yr own values from a more critical standpoint.

    Whatever the particulars are, if you get a chance to move abroad -- especially if it's subsidized -- DEFINITELY take it. I mean, I'm gna sound like yr grandmother, or something, but this really is one of those things you can only do when yr young and (relatively) free.

    As far as watching little ones grow up -- You'll be back for holidays, right? Beyond that, this is why the gods of the universe made FaceTime, Skype, etc.
    I swear, you will probably see those kids' faces MORE if you live 5,000 miles away than if you live 500 or even 50 miles away. Just... a weird part of post-technological human nature.

    • "Beyond that, this is why the gods of the universe made FaceTime, Skype, etc." lol!

    • for real tho, I have a friend in Japan who has a one-year-old, and some cousins in México with four-year-old twins and I see more of those kids (via facetime and such) than I do of my local girlfriends' little kids.

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  • I say do it, and if you have to change your plan a little, do it. Because living in another country is really exciting. I FaceTime my nephews and see them when I'm home. You could possibly also do your Masters while abroad?

  • I would love that.