Help! what does it mean when a boy says this?

my girl friend had sex with this guy and i told my guy friend and he said to me "i haven't heard anything from him. im surprised he's not bragging about it right now. if i were him i probably would." we are 17

why's he surprised that the guy didn't tell people?

  • cause he thinks she's hot
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  • cause he thinks she's popular
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  • cause he thinks she has a good personality
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  • cause a lot of guys probably want her
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  • cause guys brag about every girl they've been with
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  • If it's his first time most guys brag. If she's a normally hard to get or is Hot.. it would be a EGO thing to brag about. He would get respect/praise form other guys.

    • I think he's had a girlfriend before. What is the difference between an ego brag and bragging about having sex for the first time?

    • Ego bragging would be if the girl was popular, a lot hotter than the boy or she is seen as hard to get. It would boost his street cred and other kid would think he's "the man".

  • It's the last option, BUT NOT as you stated it.

    cause THOSE TYPES OF guys brag about every girl they've been with

    • You don't know him tho

    • I'm assuming that the guy who said that does know him.. rather well

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