If you could go back in time and do something differently , what this would be?

My uncle was in hospital in another country and i phoned him just once. By the time i did it again he was too ill to talk. If i could go back in time i would contact him many more times. I hope wherever he is to know how much i loved him


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  • As an uncle, I guarantee he forgives you, and would prefer if you forgave yourself.

    Don't regret what you didn't do, remember and appreciate the times and love you shared.

    • thank you

    • You're very welcome.
      We uncles only want our nieces to be happy.

      I have a rule, about loss. When I've lost something I try to remember and share with someone what I loved most about them. As many years ago, I lost my Gran in a similar fashion as your departed: Her name was Kitty, but changed it to Kathrine as she aged. Even as a child she always seemed so delicate and fragile to me. Her generosity and kindness is something I'll always remember.

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  • Stop myself from sending a dirty email to my crush in 6th grade. The email address was her mom's!!! Worst and dumbest thing I ever did. Really messed things up later on.

  • I would fuck my ex girlfriend


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  • learn more languages

    use sun block

    don't play like a boy and have so many scars now XD

    do more theater

    work out more

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