Do you think that when we take a break from GAG we should be able to turn off notifications and messages etc?

I am thinking of the option of being able to turn you account to "holiday mode" which turns off messages, tags, notifcations etc so you don't come back with a flood of notifcations. You could have it so GAG notifed users when someone was on "holiday mode" before they bothered to type something to send to you.

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  • This is interesting. But back to the New Zealand topic. I want to travel a lot, so maybe New Zealand could be a place where I can plan to visit. How expensive can living in New Zealand become?

    • I have to be in xper level 2 to be able to message you :/

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    • Yeah, we have another New Zealand burger place that has top quality burgers with real ingredients that is looking at starting up 1000 stores in the USA called Burger Fuel.

    • These are two different New Zealand companies that provide top quality burgers.

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  • You can just mark all read now, so there's no point to that really


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  • have you decided when to go for a break? ohh an glad you decided to stay

    • Yeah, I lost one of my good friends of 2 years here today. She turned nasty and I had to block her to shut her up. I was really upset. So I am looking for new friends. I will not be leaving but am looking to make another really close friend and staying. I have not decided when to take a break.

    • that is good. Sorry to hear that. You just never know when friends will turn into strangers :( i am so glad you decided to stay.
      :) @Applefan1

    • Thank you very much my friend. :)

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