Is it bad if I leave my puppy downstairs?

In my house upstairs gets really hot, apparently too hot for my puppy cause he pants so heavily, yet downstairs is much cooler. My puppy is only 5 months, and he's very attached to me and my husband so he hates being left alone. I usually do keep him in the room with us but i don't wanna risk him having heatstroke, so I took his cage down stairs and left him with the tv while I sleep upstairs. Is it bad that I do this? I feel so bad especially when I hear him whimpering but I don't want him overheating 😕


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  • It's not bad. It'll be better for him in the long run as he will probably need to be on his own at some point in his life.

    • Something that tends to calm puppies is an old-fashioned alarm clock. The ticking reminds them of their mothers.

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  • I don't think it is bad, you are obviously just looking out for the puppy.

  • That's not bad at all as long as you don't stay upstairs for forever he'll soon be over the fact not to see the whole time :)

    • Yeah I mean I only have him down there when I'm sleeping for the night which hell be sleeping too and then if I'm up stairs doing something

    • That's perfectly fine