I just got a "Virus Warning Alert" on my laptop... Help?

I just got a
Here is a photo of what popped up recently after I looked up "Furlough Quotes" and found website (for a school project). I don't understand what I should do. I've heard that some of these pop ups are just scams but the thing is that I can't exit the screen. I need ASAP!!! My school project is due Friday and I NEED this laptop for it.

I have Windows 10


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  • Alright, this is TOTALLY FAKE.
    1) The error code is totally wrong.
    2) Nothing is called "Registry failure of operating system"
    3) What's that website you're in? It looks like a shady website.

    Don't worry, your laptop is fine. IF every website you go to ends up showing this "error" your computer is infected but, I don't believe that's the case. Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender which isn't weak enough to let a virus like that in. But I'm not %100 sure.

    • I think if it's even let in there's a problem this looks like adware and is that windows 10 I can't tell.

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    • I have Windows 10 :)

    • Yeah, I saw your update. And I'm assuming that your computer is safe. If you're currently replying back to me from your laptop, then it's very safe to assume that your computer isn't infected. It was just this one website.

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  • Here you go I found an article going over the pop-up you have adware or another unwanted program here's the article which goes over how to remove if this doesn't work then just search: Remove “BSOD: Error 333 Registry Failure” pop-up virus and you'll get video tutorials etc.

    Here's the article:
    hope this helps.

  • Fake. Close your browser and reopen it.

  • It's fake. Just close it or reboot the laptop xx


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