Car window down and stuck?

I'm driving a ford windstar. Now I was trying to get my dumb ass friends attention and rolled down the window part way on the passanger side. It had gotten stuck. I've tried pulling it up and trying to un-short it on the drivers side bc on the passanger side the window button is no longer there. So I didn't want to put it all the way down but my dumbass friend kept insisting to put it all the way down. So I did now it won't come out. I don't know what to do and I'm kind of panicky right now for I'm not parked in the best neighborhood.

Thank you everyone. The crisis was averted. My mechanic friend helped me fix the window. The wire was blown but the motor was hella strong and that's why it wouldn't let us pull it. He disconnected the motor on the off chance it'd happen again. So that if someone pushed it I could easily push it back up into place. I just put tape on the window to remind myself it doesn't work. Thanks for your help bc it was a tad stressful for the passed 30 or so hours lol.


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  • Hahahahaha! I've been there before, I feel your pain.
    So the window rolls down when you use the switch on the drivers side, but it won't go up?
    Can you hear anything when you hit the button? Does it sound like the window motor is trying to make the window go up but there's something stopping it, or does nothing happen at all when you push the switch?

    What year is the Windstar, maybe I can find a wiring diagram online and give you instructions on how to activate the window motor without the switch being on the passenger side, in case the problem is with the switch on the drivers side.

    It could also be the window motor itself... Not a huge deal, it's not that uncommon. Fortunately it's also a relatively inexpensive and easy fix. Do you have anyone you know who works on cars, even as a hobby? Basically it would involve removing the interior door panel to get access to the window motor which is inside the door, and then unplugging the motor and removing two or three bolts that hold it in place.
    Auto Zone or O'Reilly or whatever auto parts store chain is in your area will probably have it in stock or be able to get it quickly. Remanufactured will probably cost in the $30-60 range, assuming you bring the old one with you to turn in as a core (they take the old one and rebuild it... if you don't have it out, they'll charge you a "core charge" of $5-20 most likely which you get back after you bring in your old broken one)

    • No it didn't make any noise. I got a hold of my friend that's a mechanic and he helped me fix it. Good thing he takes food as payment lol.

    • Good. Always good to have friends who are good with cars :-)

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  • Just drive it to the nearest nice neighborhood and park it as close to a cop station as possible, the either walk or arrange for a friend to bring you home. either that or park it in the parking lot of a Walmart or fast-food joint that's open 24 hous.

    • Funny thing is I parked in Wal-mart trying to raise it up for three hours.

    • Good thinking. As you probably know, the entire parking lot is on video 24/7. ; - )

  • how down is it, can you still see the window get it?
    if you use the button on your side and get you friend to wigal the window a little hopefully it will help it up if it's just slipt a little,

  • take it to the shop or find someone who can fix it for cheap

    • Can't it's 10 at night. I don't really want to leave it even if I tape a trash bag on the window. It's a sketch neighborhood.

    • that sucks. and to think, i live in a place where i leave my windows down cause i'm too lazy to put them up... and they work, too. ain't that ironic

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  • Take off the door panel and manually put it up. Probably will need to buy a new window motor or you might be able to clean the old one and get it to work again...