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I went to the police station to get a caution for a stupid drunken fight i got into after a nightclub. It took like 4 police officers to arrest me and had a chat with me then a few days later i got call from the female police officer saying that if i apologize they will let me off without a fine. So i went to the station and the female police officer was there. she said "How are you after last night then?" i was thinking wtf. this all happend a week ago. a week must feel like a day to her..


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  • Maybe she's hoping you don't remember much when you got drunk and had that brawl. Just say it happened a week ago, I feel more rational now..

  • They are busy, it's not like she should personally remember you and when your drunken fight was.


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  • Ploce work insane schedules, its no big supirse she was wrong about what day you were there. Your bodies sense of time gets pretty screwed up when you work those kind of schedules.

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