I thought Chad Smith had followed me on Instagram! 😔😂?

So I made an instagram account today and I suddenly got a notification that's supposedly "officialchadsmith," the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer following me.
I screenshotted that ish so fast & proceed to freak the fuck out & text my cousin about it. I'm all happy for about 5 minutes until I realize it probably wasn't him.
I had never used Instagram before and so for some reason I naively thought that because his name said "official" it had to be him.
So yeah, now I'm kinda bummed and mostly embarrassed and mad at my own stupidity but it's good that I didn't tell more people about it before I realized it obviously wasn't him xD
I hate myself 😂

I guess I just wanted to know if anybody else has had a similar experience before on any social media platform. Maybe that'll make me feel a bit better xc


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  • Instagram fucked our lives up once...

    Basically we all used to run one YouTube channel, but then some of us moved to college so we started our own channel. Our Insta followers assumed this meant we hated each other and there's now a huge fan divide between the two channels - despite the act we're actually buddies in real life.

    So yeah, fans are still convinced there's a rift where none exists, despite us both putting out info vids saying it's lies.

    The internet spreads bullshit so fast it's ridiculous... :D


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  • This isn't really a question but i love the RHCP.

  • I thought Angelina Jolie followed me on Twitter lol

  • There's a lot of fake accounts that try to look legit on social media... easy to get duped as a new member, i wouldn't be too embarrassed about it


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