Does Trump really believe that his net worth changes based on his feelings?

I was just watching John Oliver, and at around 9:49 he states that Trump bases his estimate of his net worth on how he feels... surely Trump can't be that stupid (I'm no fan of his - but Jesus Christ, the man went to a highly respected business school; he should know how a net worth is estimated - hint; it's not based on feelings!)

My question is - is that document that John Oliver shows at that time mark; is that a real document or has it been proven to be fake (because, again, I just can't believe that Trump could be so utterly and completely stupid)

"How Much Is Trump Worth? Depends on How He Feels"

"Trump Once Said Some Amazing Things About His Net Worth Under Oath"

Well, clearly Donald Trump is a fcking idiot.

If people vote Trump into the White House they are more stupid than I thought - and they voted in Bush junior, twice !!!


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  • People should eventually learn that there are way too many educated idiots in this world.
    Just because someone graduated from a great school, that doesn't necessarily make them intelligent.
    I've met people with no college degree who were exceptionally smart.


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  • It's not stupid, it's just taken out of context. The stock market values companies, and a large part of that valuation is feelings about the future of the company and of the market as a whole. Stock market crashes (a huge drop in company valuations) are partly caused by feelings of panic sweeping the market. Bubbles are partly caused by feelings the sky is the limit. Your day to day valuation of a company is governed as much by feeling as it is fact, because even the CEO can't know everything everyone at the company is doing.

    John Oliver is either lying in order to smear Trump, or genuinely doesn't understand how market systems function. I don't know which is worse.