Hey guys! can you help my sister about growing?

My sister is short she is 14. and her height is 160 how can she grow? do u know something about it? what do you suggest (also i am Turkish my English is Not good so i can make mistakes if i do mistakes i m sorry)😁

Ok GUys answer it
YeAP i am rukish too and a o am 15. And 160 too i dont know what i am doing for this. öf ypu learn anything say to me. ok?


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  • Growth is genetically driven and the body adapts to the environment it is in. An active lifestyle together with adequate nutrition will maximize your natural body grown process.

    Most important factors that aid growth:
    Enough daily intake of calcium, essential amino-acids and proteins.
    No issues during puberty (can sometimes be delayed years)

    • Also vitamins

    • Thanks för explain but i can't understand clearly because i am Turkish

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  • She very well may be done.

    She may not be able to go for the tall long legged beauty thing but she can sure as hell go for cute and petite. I'm only 5'4 (164) and I have no hope of being a tall person.

    • What do you think about 160 is it short you think

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    • That s ok tkanks

    • Thanks*

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  • There is nothing helping her to grow. It's all genetical. And it honestly doesn't matter for a girl if she is small or tall. Guys really do not care about it AT ALL.

  • 15 like 6 foot or something and i dont think you can change how tall you are by methods of sorts

    • İ am sorry but i can't understand anything. can you explain again?

    • you can't change how tall you are

    • That s true but we can do something when we are Teenager

  • she may or may not grow. there are about 3-4 years left to see some change. most people get their maximum height by 18 years. she can't really do anything to get taller. its all in genetics. she could try to do exercise.

    • Thanks för opinion. what about your height?

    • im 6ft.

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