Why are we called Human?


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  • It goes back to Latin:
    human (n.)
    "a human being," 1530s, from human (adj.). Its Old English equivalent, guma, survives only in disguise in bridegroom.
    human (adj.) humain, humaigne, "human," from Old French humain, umain (adj.) "of or belonging to man" (12c.), from Latin humanus "of man, human," also "humane, philanthropic, kind, gentle, polite; learned, refined, civilized." This is in part from PIE *(dh) ghomon-, literally "earthling, earthly being," as opposed to the gods (see homunculus). Compare Hebrew adam "man," from adamah "ground." Cognate with Old Lithuanian zmuo (accusative zmuni) "man, male person."

    Human interest is from 1824. Human rights attested by 1680s; human being by 1690s. Human relations is from 1916; human resources attested by 1907, American English, apparently originally among social Christians and based on natural resources.


    • PIE= proto Indo European (Indo European is a *supposed* language group which is said to have originated in India long ago and became the family of Indian and European languages.
      (Guesswork thus)
      PIE is the language group supposed to have existed before Indo -European.
      Guesswork upon guesswork thus.
      The guesswork is based on comparison of roots of words common to most European languages.

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  • Why wouldn't we be called human?


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  • an interesting question given the state of global affairs. we murder one another, backstab, lie, cheat, let our fellow man rot away in poverty, despair and starvation, rape, poison, steal, commit fraud, incest, abuse, emotionally blackmail, kill and eat animals for our pleasure, test our pharmaceutical products on 3rd world humans, and are happy to let small children go blind working 16 hour days in sweat shops across the world just so that we can wear our adidas sneakers.

    Why indeed are we called human?

    • Well that in my opinion is not Human.

    • I agree with your sentiment. It is the reason for distinction between 'human' (homo sapiens - the biological creature that is man) and 'person' (the values and symbolism that motivates man to act in a kind and compassionate manner to his fellow people). Rise above the animal, rise above nature, be a person.

  • The English adjective human is a Middle English loanword from Old French humain, ultimately from Latin hūmānus, the adjective form of homō "man". The word's use as a noun (with a plural: humans) dates to the 16th century
    A google search got me that in 5 seconds maybe you should ask google next time he knows a lot

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