Which would you rather choose for the person you hate the most?

  • he's a guy , break his penis at 19 and doesn't recover
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  • he's a guy, hit by a car and gets paralized from the waist down
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  • he's a guy, gets his face messed up in an accident , he's a burn victim and is really ugly for his life
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  • she's a girl, id have her lose her hair and make her allergic to wigs, for all eternity
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  • she's a girl, id have her deal with sexual harassment at work , she always gets harrassed by guys whenever she works, (just cat calling, butt slaps, and tittie twisters)
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  • she's a girl, id have all the people she hates have sex her all her boyfriends and husbands
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  • Id have them live a care free happy life
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What Girls Said 2

  • im not one of those. let them live, i don't care.

  • I I don't understand the question

    • Which of the choices would you rather happen to the person you hate the most

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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't hate anyone.

  • I forgave everyone I hated.

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