Chicago last night: Shutting down Free Speech, is it right?

Typicial thug types blocked an ambulance after blocking Free Speech and the Right to Assemble. Should people be allowed to do this? If yes, can Trump supporters now do this to others as well?

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  • There are other ways to get points across. I dislike Trump. But going to his speeches and being violent isn't going to do anything. Fight him by voting against him. Plain and simple.


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  • As soon as they are blocking emergency medical services, it is, in my opinion, no longer peaceful.

    • I would agree but somehow there are people who disagree and yet want to blame others, ridiculous.

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  • Look there is a difference between exerting your right to free speech and attacking people, causing civil unrest, blocking medical vehicles carrying inured people and threatening people as well as trying to stop someone else from using their right to free speech.

    Peaceful protesting is fine but what happened at the trump rally was anything but peaceful and I honestly agree with what trump did, it was the right move to shut down the rally while violent protesters were running amok, as it was for the peoples own protection and trump didn't want anyone to get hurt.

    Besides the protesters actually helped trump even thought that wasn't their goal by causing chaos and civil unrest they brought even more publicity to him and coverage then he would have gotten otherwise.

  • I dont understand why they would block an ambulance :/

    They seem to have the view "I dont support Trump, therefore no one else is allowed to support him".

    "can Trump supporters now do this to others as well?"
    They would probably be arrested.

    Im not planning on voting for anyone, but honestly I hate people like the protesters in the video.

  • Imagine the uproar is conservative protestors did this at a Sanders rally. I don't condone any muffling of the 1st Amendment, or violent protests.

  • The blocking of ambulance. Time to deploy the tasers and riot shields

  • I mean those protestors had just as much right to protest. everybody kept saying that. So whats the problem? there were enough people in that community that showed up to protest Trumps hate filled speech. He brought this on himself by hateful rhetoric, condoning violence in his rallies, being rude and insultful on national tv, divisive nationalistic rhetoric. I mean, I been questioning all day if this is part of the plan? Some top of phsycological operation on the American people. Because it almost seems like he was trying to do this the whole campaign.
    Overall I didn't have a problem with what happened, people of that area showed up and exercised their right to free speech and freedom of assembly and Trump chose not to be heard. HE CANCELD HIS OWN RALLY. No one else did JUST HIM

    • Many of those there were Bernie supporters who frankly were the ones showing hate. So, if Trump supporters showed up at Sander's rally and did the same thing you would be okay with that right?

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    • like I said I personally don't think it would happen at any other candidates rally. No one on either side has been taping into anger and hate for the fuel of their campaign like Trump.
      Again the only violence I have seen from any campaign rally all year has been Trumps.
      He has condoned his supporters attacking peaceful protestors. Which means he sowed the seed for this incident.
      Which is why I don't think this would happen at any other candidates rally, except for Trump. As all other candidates have campaigned in a much more collegial manner.
      How upset where you when Trump supporter were physically assaulting people all year long. Beating kicking, sucker punching people. how upset were you? Did you care? Even a little bit?
      I doubt it. Typical

    • Trump supporters weren't stopping ambulances... hateful and out of control, those are the people that came to cause harm and violence so that people could not have a rally. Yes, typical. The good news is that those people will all go back to attacking each other soon enough.