Have you ever overly been obsessed with yourself?

Like its that bad that I always care what others think of how I look. I try to look good and attractive, but I'm that obssessed with myself that I don't focus whats going on around me. I'm obssessed with the way I act, my actions. I've been called dopey because I don't listen, and because I don't want to listen. I actually believe I'm stupid now. e. g. somebody in my class says 'what's that smell?' Another guy goes 'smells like teen spirit' (for a joke obviously). Then I go 'what's that?' I honestly don't have good knowledge. I've even heard of the song, but I'm just so slow. I feel almost superior to everyone else because they are themselves. I actually feel like giving up with my dreams and hopes; I honestly think that I shouldn't have been born. I have to put in effort to try and communicate with people but I'm honestly lost. I don't know what I want anymore. The only thing I think I can do is look good.


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  • I would say yes. I honestly admit that. Yes, I am obsessed with my standards that I have for friendships ( that's one reason I will never have friends), I am also obsessed with the morals, values that I have for myself.


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