Calling all computer-savvy GAGers! Computer says it needs to do an automatic restart, but then does nothing. What's wrong with it?

I tried restarting my computer a short while ago. It said that it detected a problem and would restart itself automatically. It also said I needed to look up the "unmountable boot volume" error.

Immediately after that, it goes to a screen with the Windows logo and says "preparing automatic restart" and proceeds to do... exactly nothing. Just a blank screen. If I move my mouse around, I'll see the cursor but then it just sits there.

I've tried running diagnostics and restarting it several times over, but I keep getting the same result over and over again.

It's a Dell with Windows 10, I believe. I got it in 2010.


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  • Your hard drive needs to be re partitioned again or your hard drive is fucked


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  • Try booting into safe mode. I assume it's a laptop? Win10 is shite, as yet. Won't use it.


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  • I had the same problem and managed to save data
    Get your hard out, attach it as a slave in another computer, using a rack or converter
    Copy your data
    Format it , setup windows then copy ur data back again

    • I transferred everything to an external hard drive a few months ago.

    • Then just attach it to any other machine and format it
      Then setup win