Are there still people who don't "believe" in climate change?

This post will probably get removed. I'm alright with that, I just gotta know.

So, guys, let me say this to you: Global warming = ice caps melt :(

Ice caps melt = mass flooding

Mass flooding = climate change

Climate change = ice age

Ice age = mass extinction

So, please now report this question but also answer in your spare time. THANKS!

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  • I do not believe climate change is happening at all.
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  • Climate change happens naturally. Humans have little to no influence on climate.

    • Oh, there is no way I am watching that whole thing. I am sorry.

      I realize that it is a natural thing, and that it is a planetary cycle.

      But humans HAVE accelerated the process by MILLIONS of years! Please just look at the spike of how fast the Earth has warmed from last summer to THIS winter. In freakin February it felt like June!

    • We've had spikes dropping much lower about several decades ago. Back then people were afraid we'd have a global freeze.

      The sun goes into cycles which affect the planets. The warming of the earth is solely dictated by the sun, not our interaction. Of course pollution is a problem. It destroys the environments and pollutes the land. But it does not affect the climate.

      Maybe if you watch the whole thing you'd learn something instead of blindly obeying these so-called 'scientists' that purport a false dichotomy.

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  • Climate change is real because we live on a living, changing planet. Man made climate change is where I start to have doubts. Obviously we can have an effect but I think it's greatly over played, not because people care about the planet but because people care about money and power.

    • Climate change is a natural process and cycle that has been accelerated by humanity. Just look at how much HOTTER 2014 and 2015 were.

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    • The "Friends of Science" is by their own admission a group that is fighting to educate people about climate change (to their view) and to put pressure on governments to see things their way. "Friends of Science" (FOS) sounds like a group for science in general, but that is a title picked to sway people while promoting their climate beliefs.

      They state that since 2001 satellites, balloons, and earth stations have seen a temperature decrease. Not so. See the NASA site (definitely know their satellite info) at and while there, take a look at their climate time machine which shows a big increase in temperature since 2001, as well as before.

      FOS points out the rise in CO2, but claims that it occurs after temperature change, so it does not cause it. Yet this is in the same paragraph that states that CO2 has been increasing and that it is mainly man caused, not temperature caused. Can't have it both ways.

    • Read the NASA info and look at their charts. See other sites. Don't rely on FOS types sites that exist only to promote their agenda

  • people who deny climate change are like people who believe feminism has nothing to do with men.

    there is no reason for your question to get reported, so i wouldn't worry about that.

  • I think the better question is, do we as humans actually have anything to do with it, and can we actually do anything about it?

    • 1. We accelerated the already-occuring natural process by millions of years
      2. We could reduce carbon emissions, and if, given time and resources, do something that lowers global temperatures, #science

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    • 1. I shouldn't waste the time on trying to EXPLAIN to you once again like I did to the many others that tried fighting me on this, but I'll try anyways.

      Look at all the spikes in this time and how most occur within times of industrialization. The Industrial Revolution in the late 19th century. The spike in WWI. The bigger spike in WWII and how that didn't really go down till 1944. Then by 2013 our population and demand has increased so much that supply needs must be met. Thus, temperature rise.

      We are accelerating a natural process that has been prehistorically shown to be way more gradual, slower than this. We are speeding it up by millions of years.

      I don't actively look for these things either, but it's not wise to ignore. But yes I agree on that point

    • No, I said that I do actively look for these things. It is as unwise to ignore things as it is to blindly believe them. So that shows the temperature has been rising for the last 150 years. Where is the rest of earths history that establishes this pattern which are using to assume that this is it happening faster?

  • Since polar bears are drowning, I can only wonder how people think climate change is not an issue.

  • I'm mixed. I understand that
    Global warming = ice caps melt= mass flooding
    I just confused on why mass flooding automatically means climate change and ice age and extinction lol

    • K well when u put it that way…

      There's some other factor I'm not remembering but that factor is happening so YEAH

    • Lmao 😂 Well I'll be alarmed anyway.

  • Climate change is real & it's happening. If humans have any effect or not I don't know. I do know it's been going on for millions of years now since way before man was around.

  • Why would it get removed?

    • Because there r moderators here that remove ANY question that "offends" anyone!

      Opinionated questions tend to get removed

      Also it might get reported by some people.

    • What BS...

    • Ikr. Then again I've done that with Republican posts before xD

      But to clarify, it was a STUPID Republican post!

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  • Well since their is still glaciation we are actually in an ice age right now. The other issue is that we have had multiple ice ages, five in fact ((the Huronian, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan, Karoo Ice Age and the Quaternary glaciation) well at least that we know of and that where major, their was also a mini ice age between the sixteenth and nineteenth century (after the mini global warming of the middle ages). So yes climate change is real it is most probably happening now, however I would question whether or not humans are actually involved, or as involved as people seem to believe considering that if we have had five ice ages we by extention had to have periods of warmer tempetures between or global warmings, and if we have had this many fluctuations through out history prior to humans existing (one of the global warmings was believed to be responsible for our ancient anecestors becomeing bipedal (as it was more energy efficient and allowed for much further range for foraging)) I would say that it seems a bit strange that this time its entirely caused by human actions. The fact is if we are in an ice age (since we do still have glaciers which should not exist if we where not) then is it changing because of humans or is it merely returning to its natural state as it has done many times before?

    • Of course it's not entirely on human actions! But we have contributed greatly!

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    • Oh, the temperature would NEVER drop. Basically, all we can do is decrease the rise, delay it largely. It won't suddenly get all cold and "alright" again.

      And for example, China, uses heavily polluting technology to keep ahead in their industry.

    • But again over all reductions would result in a drop you stated that the past two years have been the warmest yet if we have been reducing the carbon emissions for the past 25 years then overall the temperature should drop, and no it wouldn't be over night but neither woudl the temperature rise that quickly either by same reasoning. China is bad, horribly bad but again over all their is a decrees not an increase in emisions. Further more with the increased carbon dioxide we are also seeing more plant life which itself breaks down carbon dioxide thus reducing emissions as well.

  • Of course it exists, and it's a big problem. Last year was the warmest year on record, and 2014 was the second. In the last 10 years, half of those years rank the top 5 of warmest years on record, if that's not a sign of global warming, you tell me.

    It's kinda interesting though, that the north pole ice caps are melting, but the Antarctic ice sheet is the greatest in years.

    There are still people who believe global warming is not a thing, or that humans aren't the cause of it, but a natural process of Earth, like it has happened during history.

    • Oh I know it is a natural process but humans have accelerated it by millions of years

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    • It is mostly human's fault.

    • I agree. I do believe that it is part of a natural cycle but I also believe we accelerated it by millions of years

  • I believe in it but I don't believe it entirely our fault. I believe the planet goes through cycles of warming and cooling on its own but we have caused it to happen faster than it otherwise would have.

    • Yeah. And honestly, we ARE a part of nature! This is our evolutionary tactics, building this technology!

      But are we willing to give it up for the good of our future generations?

    • Frankly, I dont care.

      I think we will eventually go extinct, something is bound to kill us off at some point.

  • I love how pollution and co2 causes climate change, but even as India and China are polluting like they want a master award for lakes of sewage and unbreathable air, climate change can "pause."

  • Climate change causes the ice caps to melt. Flooding doesn't cause climate change. Changes of Co acid levels in the air does. Also no not another ice age. That's freaking silly you've watched The Day After Tomorrow too many times. We're from a geology scientific definition still in the Ice age. We're on the ending phase of it. Ice age is when there are glaciers still in existence. Thus we are still in the ice age. Once the glaciers all melt the ice age will officially be over.

    • Oh no, what we've fluctuated is a whole nother animal, sir. I may have gotten my science wrong a bit along the way, but dude, Ice Age is where we're headed.

      Once the glaciers melt then shit will hit the fan.

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    • Heat doesn't just come from land it comes from the sea. The sea is the reason why places like the UK are as warm as they are. The Gulf Stream current is the reason why the UK is not a tundra like other places at the same latitude. The ocean carries warm water to that part of the world that heats it.

      Again these things happen in stages and they generally happen very slowly. There will be another ice age one day but not for 10s of thousands of years.

    • Of THOUSANDS of years.

      It should be millions! Humans should be long gone by then!

      As rates of rapid increase in global warming are coming in, we know that those years are falling. Future generations, gone. Human species. Homo sapiens. Gone.

      I want us to survive and be the exception

  • the climate changes all the time even before emissions problem. there was ice ages and droughts and flooding threw out history. there is nothing we can do to change it , it happens and if it didn't we wouldn't need weather people to tell use what it is going to be like today because the weather wouldn't always be the same

  • Yep I'm aware about it but I think nothing's gonna happen untill next 100 or 200 years at least and till then we all will die 😂

    • Yup! And luckily only our grandchildren inherit the problem! ALRIGHT!

    • So just chill
      And do whatever you wanna do😂

    • I AM chill!

      AND Netflix!

      Which we won't have by the time you're forty, btw! Gotta conserve that energy!

  • I believe it is going on, but I doubt how much it is because of people. I think it is mostly a natural phenomenon

    • It's a natural phenomenon. But the process has been accelerated by millions of years by humans.

      Sure, it was mostly the previous generation's fault.

      Doesn't mean that if we don't fix it then the entire human species won't just die.

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    • that is only 3 people, percentages always make it look worse than it is

    • Yeah. Which totally sucks.

  • yes the weather is changing and we do things that make it change faster but there is no way to know what the climate might be doing if we were never invented... could be worse, I am thankful for the time I have and the climate is not going to change that...

  • ... why would this be removed?

    Anyways, it is definitely an issue.

  • It's real but not the extent that media would have us believe.

    • So NO Ice Age is your claim?

      by the way I'm not gonna get mad at u cuz at least u KNOW that it's real!

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    • Let's just hope Hillary doesn't get elected.

    • Let's hope that. Yeah.

  • It's not a matter of belief or not, it is happening. But by the time it's a problem, I'll be dead.

    • Oh yeah, it's either accepting a fact or denial.

      But YEAH that type of thinking will kill our kids! YAY!

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    • I don't think most poor people would agree.

    • Actually MORE poor people would agree

      Rich people are majority spoiled assholes who only look at the downsides of life and how shitty we are. Meanwhile poor people are content with what they have.

  • I stand with the 31000 climate scientists that don't believe it either.

    • A league of idiots that will destroy the world

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    • Sorry dude, these are the scientists who are daring to cross the mainstream. They are not the Hookes crossing the Newtons. They are brilliant scientists daring to denounce groupthink and political dollars. John Casey has been called a modern day da Vinci for his work on solar cycles. But the government scientists ignore him and spread lies about him. Gee, who would have thought that big fireball in the sky has something to do with the temperature of the planet. Why have the government scientists repeatedly falsified data to fit the agenda if it is really happening? Ever heard of Climategate and the emails from the University of East Anglia? Tell me why the global temperatures has dropped by 1.08 degrees Fahrenheit over the past 17 years. Remember when Al Gore predicted that the polar ice caps would be gone in 7 years back in 2007? Why were they between 42% and 62% bigger in the summer in 2014? Oh, and why does he own a huge house on the water if sea level rise is so dangerous and why

    • Does he spend 6 times what the average American does on energy costs? Why has the Antarctic ice shelf grown thicker and received more snow over the past 30 years? Why did a ship going to the North Pole to study your precious glo-bull warming have to turn back? Oh yeah, because there was too much ice!

  • I feel that Al Gore screwed this over. He made the very noticed "An Inconvenient Truth'" but filled it mostly with easily proven lies. Like the drowning polar bears who actually drowned due to getting lost in a storm, not at all because the ice had been melt too far.

    When you get a very important figure lying to promote a cause, it usually hurts the cause.

    Now as for actual climate change it was first noticed 200-ish years ago and is to-date not proven beyond a doubt. That's also a little worrisome.

    • If you're one of the "non-believers" this is so sad. Honestly. You don't need Al Gore to tell you that polar bears are drowning. Ice caps are receding, forcing them to go deeper and deeper into oceans to catch rarer and more dangerous prey. There was no storm, I've seen it.

      And polar bears are not nearly the only creatures that will be affected by this

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    • I share the same view?

      I think climate change is a huge problem and you think that it's not "proven" when even now it eats away at the Earth. So yeah, I'll be mad.

    • Re-read tomorrow with some fresh eyes. Hopefully you'll learn something.

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    • Putin runs a quite industrial country so of course Putin doesn't believe

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    • America has been at war continuely since ww1 look up your history. Your special forces have overthrowing democratically elected governments and installing American friendly dictators for decades all so you can get a cheap deal on their resources. Look at how you guys stired up trouble in Iraq, Syria and Libya and gave weapons to Al Queda and created ISIS when China got Iraqs oil. Your country calls itself the Arsenal of Freedom while the rest of tge world knows you as the merchant of death and you are currently about to sell ship loads of weapons to Ukraine, Georgia, Nato countries, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, India, Malya, Philippines, New Zealand and about twenty different African nations. You start trouble and profit on the death of innocents. Right now your unmanned and unaccountable drone fleet is murdering people in their beds and terrorising people in regions that have resources you want. Your country is all about war profiteering.

    • America hasn't sold this many weapons since ww2. America is a predatory nation

  • AS drumpf would put it

    The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U. S. manufacturing non-competitive.



      But yes it's true that the Chinese invented global warming

      AND the Democratic party

      And they also invented Clinton and Sanders