Is it bad that my humor is way too black?

I can probably laugh about jokes regarding starving African children and vultures waiting to eat them.


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  • Do you laugh at jokes about white children being eaten by vultures? I have a sick sense of humor and can laugh at anything... if it is funny!


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  • Man, these questions on this site...


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  • For me I consider that sardonic not humor. Sarcasm also isn't humor. There are too many people in this world that mistake their bad out take in life for humor.

    I don't take myself too seriously and I can handle the occasional cutting joke but if he above mentioned is your one and only go to attempt at humor it needs adjustment.

    That's my opinion. I can't stand to be around people who constantly and only laugh at the misfortunes of others. Like a joke about dead children washing up on the shores of the Mediterranean even if meant as tongue in cheek would upset me.

    There's a question one dating site about do 'uptight' people often get offended at your jokes. I learned the hard way that if a guy answers yes not to waste my time with him. Basically all that question is asking is are you a jerk or not?

    If you find yourself routinely offending others look in the mirror because you are the common denominator. Those people aren't uptight you're just exposing yourself as a person with no social skills who can't read an audience.

    Dark humor, crass humor, blue comedy whatever it is it doesn't offend or upset people. Louis CK does dark comedy, Sarah Silverman, Tig. But the general public loves them. They are brutally honest and harsh on he selves in their comedy as the subject.

    The worst thing you can do for yourself is ignore people's heads up that something you said or did is out of line. It is easy to dismiss your bad behavior as a joke or kidding around but you're only cheating yourself by doing so.

    It will cost you career advancement and relationships.

    • I just make jokes when the opportunity arises. Especially if it's just too great of an opportunity how to let it pass.

  • id say that's pretty heartless yeah, but hey apparently teenagers these days find that 'cool' so... you'll probably grow out of it someday.

  • uh to me it wouldn't be funny, but i guess everyone has their twisted thinking ways aha :)

  • Eh everyone finds something funny...


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  • So starving black kids get eaten by vultures….

    And u think that's BLACK humor?

    Oh boi, Chris Rock would have something to say to U!

    • I was thinking of something more along the lines of
      "Wouldn't you be pissed off if you had to wait for your hamburger to die at McDonald's?"

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    • "black" humor doesn't refer to race, usually. "Black comedy" basically means "dark comedy."

      Something like Kubrick's movie "Dr. Strangelove." which is a comedy about an atomic holocaust end of the world scenario.

    • @Anno_Domini yeah Dr. Strangelove is a good example. My Dad was obsessed with Peter Sellers.

      But yeah people get confused, dark comedy is a hard craft to pull off well and if you fail at it you can't blame your audience. Especially not if your 'comedy' is regularly poorly received by different people. So sorry the problem isn't that you are misunderstood your delivery, execution and everything else was shit. I'm not calling you a racist but I'm also not calling it funny because you shit the bed.

  • Tell me if you find this funny.


    • Rape is special. Unlike death, rape is avoidable and it doesn't happen to everyone.

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    • The mistake you are making with this one is that you are using George Carlin as a means to justify a 16 year old's shitty off putting 'humor'.

      Comedy is a hard craft to master. And while the great geniuses like Carlon make it look easy they are one of the rare few that have the expertise to take something that, if said by anyone else, would get them burned out of town.

      This is a mistake so, so SO many people make. It's an issue of timing, delivery and situation. Take South Park's introduction of the Hot Cosby. If they would have had Cartman say it directly to someone or in another context it would have been WAY out of line. But because they have the guidance counselor bring it up in disgust it was shocking and fucking hilarious. its a laugh then feel bad for a second about the sick joke but then just laugh anyways moment. The execution seems so easy but it isn't.

    • If you try and use the comedic stylings of absolute legends to excuse you're own ill humor you will lose everytime. I don't understand why more men don't get this.

      I do have friends that are truly funny that can pull off a sick sense of humor. When I say friends I mean one or two over the course of many years. But it's like a full time job. These guys aren't just funny every once in a while they have been the class clown their whole life and are always on. It's actually not a very fun way to be but they are fun to be around in a crowd and less so one on one. They need that energy to survive.

      Unless you are that rare kind of person if people are regularly offended by your jokes the problem isn't them it is you. Your joke may be very well intended or lack any real sincerity but your delivery and everything else was off. So face it, the joke didn't land and know you look like an asshole who said a horrible thing.

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