What do you think? If you were in my shoes how would you feel?

This might be irrelevant but I don't know here goes. At school a guy that i had been acquainted through some friends showed up to the nurse's office very very pale. (I was working there at the time.) He had a history of drug usage so a whole lot of security showed up and the principle etc.
Allegedly he hadn't eaten for a while and tripped. I believe his story of course.
I sat next to him and just talked to him trying to keep him conscious as he seemed very out of it. Pale face. Dried lips. Limp bodied.
Security was pretty much screaming at him so he could confess he took some drugs.
Anyways, it was getting pretty intense so they asked me to stay in the restroom. (I could hear screaming and crying) Time went on and eventually they asked me to leave to class. As i was walking out he said "I love you." I was/am confused. But maybe he was appreciative of me not being a dick and assuming wrong doings. We've hung out before also and that seemed out of his way of being.
Anyways so yeah I've been confused about it. It caught me off guard but it could mean anything in this scenario.
What do you guys think? I'm open to interpretations! i find them interesting...
*this happened a little under a year ago. Recently dreamt of him and remembered what had happened*


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  • Depends, what's your shoe size?

  • If this is what you want, then go for it.

  • i think he saw you trying to help him and listen to him that day. some how in some way he is calling to you that he needs your help again. since your the only one that ever really listened.


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