Alcohol and alcoholism. Why do you think people are becoming alkoholics? And which advice or help would you provide them?

And what about you and alcohol? ( Poll)
Alcohol and alcoholism. Why do you think people are becoming alkoholics? And which advice or help would you provide them?

  • 1. Im abstinent
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  • 2. Sometimes - few times per year Im drinking but Im not drunk
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  • 3. Quite often ( few times per month ) and Im drunk
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  • 4. Very often - few times per week and Im drunk
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  • 5. Everyday and Im drunk. Im alcoholic.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I ask them,, are u ready to make more bad decision? Do u think this piece of water will solve ur problem?
    👆🏼 Move to 2:30 & put the English subtitle On

    • This is nice but trust me one : on the West 80-90% of all alcoholics know what is alcohol causing and which damages is doing. ( Im not talking about normal people, drinking sometimes one beer, glass of wine or good scottish whiskey - those are normal ones and alcohol is part of the Wester culture and life and I like it)
      Im talking about real alcoholics - nonstop drunk. Nobody can wait that alcohol will disappear from West and nobody wants it include me.
      Important is find the reason why is alcoholic drinking and remove causalitic trigger.

    • Thank u , I respect what u trying to explain and as u said the west face alcoholic problem as the video said "the few drink leads to more drinks mostly" ,, I wish if there's people can drink it few times but here the doctor said it still harm the brain

    • I know what you mean cos I was living 3 years in Istanbul. So I know Eastern mentality and approach to any alcohol, pork.. even to other religion than is Islam. ( Big personal experience and very bad).. etc. But you can trust me, even with alcohol here on the West, 99& of all people are totally OK and nobody is suffering any harm from alcohol ( except alcoholics and it was my question). Thank you for your opinion.

What Guys Said 1

  • The legality of alcohol, makes people more likely to use it (and unfortunately overuse it)... the illegality of other hard drugs prevents most of the population to use them

    • Teoratically its right. But if we will go little bit to the past and we will investigate prohibition in USA, Scandinavia... It was working only for poor people. More rich and rich always found way like to get it ( black market). After stopping prohibition, all was it the same track again.

    • prohibition in the USA was a failure because of the wording of the law; vending was illegal, but the possession of and being under the influence of alcohol was legal.

    • Yes. Correct.