How would you react to this?

so i was recently in motorcycle vs. suv accident, the other driver ran a red light and we impacted each other. in one of the images you can see the gas tank, its dented in about 1 1/2in with area of about an avrg. adult size fist. i was pretty mind fucked knowing that this was the point were my nuts/crotch area impacted the gas tank prior to being ejected and following 20-25 minutes of pure out of this world pain. i will note the speed was only 14-17 mph or 20-25 kmph. im on oxycoton at moment, but still pretty calm about the whole incident.

How would you react to this?


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  • Your balls put a dent in it? Lmao

    • as much as i would love to say otherwise my balls were the only thing that hit the tank, and right after i was ejected onto the car. yeah its mind fucking how a sack of skin can do this type of a dent.

    • That's insanešŸ˜³ Lol are they swollen?

    • there bruised, but luckily for me i can still get hard and have full function of my dick, but it hurts like a bitch. im on oxycoton so you can imagine im in good amounts of pain if they give me oxycoton

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  • Not well. If I was able to get up after the accident I'd be in jail for battery.

    • Haha. Good one. I would prob be in same boat, if I did not knock my nut sack so hard and wasn't in insane pain on the ground for 20-30 min.

    • Seriously, I would have. I use to ride & someone running a red was the last thing on my mind.

    • :)
      hope all is well.

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  • Ouch! Glad you are ok,
    I think I will always be too afraid to ride on a motorcycle.
    Good luck to you:) be careful

    • thank you. i don't think i will be ever able to ride again truth, not as much psychological impact as physical impact.

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    • yep, i do know that. Glad it go that far with you!

    • yeah, well lesson learned motorcycles are better be taken to a track vs. street. i live in a city with bunch of stupid drivers most being Indians or Chinese, im not racist but this two nations can't drive and usually don't care about rules.

  • I hope you get better soon.

    • Long road if rehab is ahead. But thank you :)

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