Is this sleep paralysis? Anyone has sleep paralysis?

Once in a while I wake up paralyzed and im semi-conscious, half-asleep. I feel like a presence in the room and hear indistincts whispers, Usually I am scared and I shiver, my stomach feels weird. I don't see anything but when I close my eyes its like images form at the back of my eyelid (this part I don't know how to explain its weird lol). I can open my eyes and after a while move. Anyone with similar experiences? I find it so interesting what our body can do haha. Soetims too i am just paralyzed, nothing scary happens I just wake up before my body.


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  • Yes that's sleep paralysis. I get it a lot :( insomniacs and problem sleepers usually get it. Do you lie on your back a lot? Do you nap during the day? Those are both triggers of paralysis. It's nothing to fear now that you're aware of it, it doesn't hurt you or anything, it's just scary.

    • Thats what I thought! I do both haha, lay on my back and nap sometimes.

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    • @nfigure it's really freaky to experience! I usually am rational about it now, I'm like oh that's not a ghost it's sleep paralysis haha 😝

    • Thank you for MHO :)

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  • thats a habit to me,

  • That's it alright; terrifying when it happens and you don't know what it is.


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