Expedia Users, how do I check in :P?

I am new to Expedia. In the past, I've always just purchased airline tickets straight from the airline's website.

How do I check in?

Where do I pay my baggage fees?



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  • Well I never used expedia before but, yeah. Here's the link you need


    You might want to read all of that ^ Seriously if you ain't read that doomguy will not be impressed

    I have seen the whole process of the online book in though from a different website.

    The way it works is that you get given the pass and another print out, you take that to the desk, then the attendant gives you the ticket more or less. As for baggage it should be included in the price of the ticket. (if you don't know then you in trouble)


    • Ok, thanks I will check it out. And no, baggage fees were not included in the price. Expedia said I had to make arrangements with the airline?

    • Wait what? Those expedia guys should know, don't you book the flight through them? Well then it'd probably be best to have a look at the airlines website check flight schedule input codes etc.

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