I have never felt guilty?

I have not once in my life felt guilt. Even in moments where I once thought I felt guilt, I think I was more afraid of myself or simply ashamed of myself rather than feeling guilty.

Guilt is is where you feel as though you should not have done something right? You feel bad about doing something or thinking or feeling something.

I do get that feeling of 'should not have done that' but the closest I've gotten to feeling bad about it is telling myself I probably should feel bad, rather than actually feeling it.

Example- I cheated on my boyfriend (and get stuffed, I don't want to hear how I'm a bad person because that isn't the nature of this question) but I simply feel like that makes me a bad partner and possibly a bad person (if I apply to myself the logic I use when hearing about other people cheating) but I don't feel BAD ABOUT having done so. I probably will do it again if I so happen to be in that position.

I've stolen from people. Not for a few years now, but as a kid I was a bit of a successful thief, rarely, if ever got caught. I know that it's wrong, and I definitely knew back then if ny adeptness at sneakiness is anything to go by. But not once did I feel bad about taking somebody else's stuff. I never felt guilt over having their thing and them probably never seeing it again.

Its ts like the part of your brain that deals with guilt, or develops your sense of being guilty was never developed or simply does not work the way it is supposed to.
If i hurt someone my immediate reaction is to panic and say sorry and be upset for them, not because I'm feeling guilty, but because I'm worried they'll be upset with me or something equally selfish. That and my empathy works very well and if someone in my circle of friends is feeling down then I will too. If they're bright and bubbly and excitable then I will be too.

So so can someone tell me what it's like to feel guilt and possibly why I don't?


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  • Kinda sounds like me, I feel kind of a sociopath sometimes never give a shit about what I do just care about getting caught, which I will never let happen and if I do I just feel like an idiot and ashamed I got caught and put on the fake thank you. You also sound like you have a lack of empathy for people rather selfish as well.

    • I do have empathy. I haTe seeing people upset and always try to make them feel better. Problem is I do that with humour and my humour falls flat on so many people.

      What you described about doing something I shouldn't and getting caught though is basically spot on.

    • Oh okay not really sociopathic then because I really don't give a shit whether someone is upset or not I just act like I do, you just don't like feeling like you've done anything wrong and don't want to.

  • Sociopathic. Abused? Lots of sociopaths do well. Interested in politics?

    • Oh god no. I don't understand politics at all and what I do understand is a bunch of men standing in a circle, debating but never getting anything done. Which to me is just bull and a waste of everyone's time. Everything else is just confusing, but still a waste of time.

      I was abused growing up, more mentally and verbally than anything. I guess that could be s reason.
      I'll have to look up what a sociopath is, my brains not quite working well for bough to remember.

    • A fair number of surgeons are sociopaths too, and its a good thing for them.

      Most sociopaths were abused as children, but not all. Basically abuse teaches you that your feelings don't matter, so other people's feelings don't matter. Things may change if you have kids yourself.

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