Question for British people who understand the Education System?

So, Early next year im wanting to apply to the British Army, And the role i would like to go into, Combat Medical technician, Says it requires GCSE grades A-C (Or Equivalent) In Maths and English.

In my GCSE's though, I got a D in both subjects, BUT. On that (Or Equivalent), Currently i am in college, Just about start my third year of a carpentry apprenticeship, And by the end of that i will have a Level 1, 2 and 3 Diploma in construction.

Would a level 3 national diploma be ''equivalent'' to an A-C GCSE?

(I Realise to a lot of you yanks reading this you probably have no fucking idea what im on about, but, Hopefully i Brit will).


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  • Level 3 is the same level as an A level, level 2 is the same level as GCSE. If they're asking for C+ in Maths and English though you'll need them as those are the capabilities you need for the job, they won't accept your cobstruction qualification instead. I redid my English GCSE in college.

    • Damn, I could redo them whilst i partake in my last year of college, So i can enlist as soon as i finish, but holy fuck that would be hard studying carpentry, maths, English whilst the same time working a 40+ hour week -_-.

      Shit... Might just have to enlist as cannon fodder infantry instead haha, Those boys need no requirements xD

  • no you will have to resit you GCSE's i'm afraid

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