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  • It's quite funny how EVERY single person who answered this question so far has said "it would never work!". It seems to me as though Americans have very, very little trust in each other. I've lived in America for some time and this is actually one of the saddest things about American society in my opinion. Americans are such positive and kind people but they all only think the most negative, ugly, hateful things about each other.

    The reason this is hard for me to understand is because I come from a country where it's exactly the opposite. In my country Switzerland, people have TONS of trust in each other. Lots of stuff here is based exclusively on trust and guess what? It works just fine! So I'm almost certain that Americans are wrong in thinking so negatively about their fellow people. If trust works here in Switzerland, I can't see why it wouldn't work in the US.
    As to your question: I do like shopping in such stores. Telling from the sign on the door and the guy's accent, this video is from Scandinavia. Probably Sweden or Denmark. But we actually have these kind of stores in Switzerland too, just without the modern technology aspect. In Switzerland, we have a lot of open farm shops. People like to have fresh, organic products. And contrary to the US, we still have a lot of small and medium-sized farms rather just really huge ones. Also, because our towns and cities are not as big, there's usually always some farms close by, even if you live in a city. So what farmers do is to bake their own bread, make their own yoghurt etc. and sell them along with milk, eggs, meat, cheese, cream, sausage etc. directly from their own animals. Obviously, the famers have to work and don't have time to stand in their stores all day long. So what they do is to store all their products in a room of their farmhouse that is easily accessible to pedestrians and write "farm shop" on the door. The way it works is that you go in there, select your products and write your name, postal address and items you've selected on a piece of paper that you throw into a wooden box afterwards (almost like casting a ballot). At the end of the year, the farmer counts together all the items you've purchased over that year and sends you a bill. These days, almost every single farm has this kind of shop. We have one very close to where I live and I regularly go there in the fall to buy fresh apple juice from their apple trees and sometimes fresh yoghurt or meat. Of course people could

    • cheat and steal stuff very easily but nobody does so. It's just sort of an unspoken agreement in our society that you don't abuse people's trust because you don't want them to abuse your trust either.
      Another, newer form of this unmanned store is developing in larger cities in Switzerland at the moment (and also in some cities in Germany). This is the refrigerator project. A bunch of young people has decided that way too much food gets thrown in the trash every year. That is indeed true. Both large retailers as well as normal families throw away TONS of food every month although that food is still perfectly edible. This is quite tragic considering there are many people who are poor and can't always afford enough good food for them and their kids. So these young people have deposited refrigerators on certain locations in big cities where normal people as well as stores can put food into that they don't need anymore but is still fine to eat. People in need can then take these things

    • without paying anything. This model too is simply based on trust. Especially since it's all free and there's no money involved, it would be super easy to steal food out of those refrigerators without anyone being able to do something about it. But people don't do that because it's just not right. People understand that it's totally okay to take something if you're low on money (you don't need to be homeless etc.) but it's not okay to just take it for the sake of stealing it. This project too, has been working perfectly fine for the past 10 years :-).

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  • I just go in and take what I wanted and not pay a dime...

    • If it became popular I'd go around cleaning out multiple stores and sell it off to some real retailer for a significant discount so he could fence it...

  • a trust based store in this society?12hrs before it would go broke

  • No, can't pay with cash


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  • Easiest way for people to steal.

  • "Built on trust"
    That right there is the problem. There is no honor system or trust these days...

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