Have you ever edited a wikipedia article for fun?

I've done it a few times... for example an hour ago I edited an article of a singer I dislike sayin' "(Enter his name here) is a GAY singer of (enter genre here)"... but shit they took it away just after one minute... but seriously HE'S gay even if his fans deny it... I happen to know a person who lives in his neighborhood and he has told me about it...

There was also a time when I edited an article of another singer... sayin' he was murdered by members of a far right-wing political organization when he was returnin' home after his gig... ya won't believe how much I laughed when I did it... hahahahahaha... I don't laugh often but I find such jokes very amusin'...

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  • You honestly shouldn't do that. People will use that site for research purposes. I have edited Wikipedia, but I've done it to update and correct errors.


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  • You should go in and edit Kanye West's bio to read: "Kanye is known to be a dedicated practitioner of infantilism. According to a longtime personal assistant, West wears a diaper at all times, and is constantly accompanied by a Wet Nurse who periodically removes the soiled diapers and tidies his bung hole."


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  • You're gonna make a lot of kids fail their homework assignments

    • They shouldn't be using Wikipedia in the first place.

    • @Anno_Domini They shouldn't but most of them do. Especiay when they're in a rush

    • *Especially

What Guys Said 1

  • Not for fun I think that's childish but I have because there was a real mistake

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