How to save photo's on my phone?

My boyfriend text me a couple selfies yesterday and I would like to save them on my phone but cannot seem too. Holding down the button does nothing, double tapping just enlarges it and though there is a button I can press it's only options are to set it as a Contact photo or wallpaper.

I have an Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 if that helps.


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  • You'll have to look in commands and settings, to save pics on an internal memory card.
    I don't know if Alcatel uses a standard Android or if they have their own specialty shell
    When you're in photo mode, do you see your last pic as a tumbnail on the bottom of the screen? It shows it's saved in the standard phone memory.


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  • I think with any phone you'd have to hold the photo with your finger and wait till it says "save to album"

    • It doesn't seem to matter how long I hold it doesn't seem to do anything :/ but thanks

    • Aww, then go into settings and look up photos. There should be something there that says to save them

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