Why is here so much questions about sex?

People can't learn sex and options in normal life ( like me or my generation) or reason is different? If yes, please, tell me what is it? Those questions are nonstop repeating and they are nonstop same. I can't understand it. Todays generation really needs internet for sex and love and relationship?

Or without internet is end of sex? ( I dont mean problems in relationship but questions aimed on sex only.. and here is loooot of)


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  • the site is called girl ask guys (and because it's gag, can be mistaken as guys ask girls). what the shit do you expect? with that said, the redundancy of the stupid questions is mind bottling. and the kicker is when you tell these people that the question is asked fittyleben times, they get all defensive and shit, which is hilarious


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  • There are mostly relationship and sex topic/forums on here. I don't even see a sports forum.