Are any of you former introverts who broke out into the going out/night life/party type?

Also, if you can, give some insight on what helped you blossom out.


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  • Haha yeah man, I can relate to this. But what's your end goal... getting laid?

    • Yeah, pretty much

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      Example... You're talking to a sexy girl... make a comment along the lines of "I really like your hair, but is it even real?" She'll be shocked and say something along the lines of "Yes, of course it is!" Your reply..."Well, you almost fooled me, but yeah I guess it looks good then." This kind of subtle "put down" to her makes you stand out immediately and piques her interest. Remember, she is used to guys drooling all over her and telling her how beautiful she is... but now she's talking to a guy who just seems kind of indifferent about it. This will drive her CRAZY. She will then make it her mission to gain YOUR acceptance, the ball is in your court and she is now chasing YOU. This is just one example of how you can play with girls emotions to your advantage. It's all a game man, understand your target's weaknesses and exploit them to your advantage.

    • Damn, great stuff. I already know how I will apply this, thanks man.

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  • I used to be shy when I was little but then I found out how being social is so EASY. I don't ever take people seriously anymore. All you have to do is let them talk about themselves a lot. Then you act like you're really interested. And then you'll have a bff. And you can say whatever you want as long as you aren't talking about them. I would say that if you want everyone to see you as friendly then don't gossip. But don't keep secrets for people either. Just stay focused on what you want.


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  • nope but i wish i had any chances like this.

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